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Ringcold is a decentralized world NGO funding platform that uses the power of crypto to enable NGO funding in a transparent and fair fashion. With Ringcold, you pledge to pay an amount of cryptocurrency to an NGO for each month (potentially for years). This means that you could be helping dozens or even hundreds of unrelated NGOs at once, as you pay Ringcold to help them. Ringcold will then automatically send them crypto if the correct conditions are met.

A cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform powered by the Ethereum network. The blog discusses the pros and cons of this kind of fundraising method and how NGOs can use this technology to improve their fundraising efforts.

Ringcold is a platform that connects people and businesses who can help charitable causes to people who donate money. Here anyone can choose a cause they would like to support, then make their donation directly to the cause while at the same time taking advantage of any tax benefits they may have.


Ringcold’s goal is to make donations transparent for donors through the use of blockchain technology. It aims to reduce corruption and misconduct related to the management of donations, by providing a platform where NGOs and donors can interact directly without third parties.

Ringcold is a crypto decentralised NGO funding platform. We aim to create an ecosystem that enables donors to donate and then monitor their donations in real time. We would like to make this process transparent, quick and efficient by providing the donor with all the information they need to track where their money is going.


Ringcold provides secure, transparent and efficient way of crowdfunding. It solves the problem of trust by making the whole process visible to everyone.

It provides for a completely transparent and stable funding of NGOs. All the activities of the projects are known to all members, as well as the expenditure of funds. In addition, it guarantees that any excess money is returned to the community.

Ringcold allows donors to donate directly to the cause, through our crypto currency platform or use one of the existing payment platforms.

Our differential characteristics

Ringcold helps the general public and businesses support their favourite registered NGOs, schools and other charitable organizations directly. The platform allows everyone to become a donor and allows charitable organisations to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

Ringcold is designed to allow users you to raise funds for charity, education and pension. It is built around a blockchain and a crypto currency that is called RGC.
It is a way for people to give to charities using cryptocurrencies.


The main goal of the project is to create a new cryptocurrency called RGC (Ringcold NGO) based on the ERC20 Token standard. The RGC token is the core of the Ringcold platform that will be used to exchange value within the blockchain ecosystem. It is designed to help donors, NGOs and virtual communities to reach the projects they want to support.


Today we are going to talk about Ringcold, the cryptocurrency decentralised NGO funding platform. Ringcold is a platform upon which donors and projects can connect. At the moment, we have a platform upon which we can connect donors and NGOs. Our aim is to connect donors to projects which is at the moment where we are partnering with global organisations.

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