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The world has failed to halt global warming. most experts predict global warming will exceed the agreed thresholds, with disastrous consequences. As much as the world faces a climate crisis, it also faces a climate governance crisis: we know what must be done to halt climate change but we do not know yet how to get there.

New mechanisms are evidently needed. Blockchain is one technology that has the potential to boost global cooperation for climate action, as I explore in new research. Blockchain is a data structure that stores information as a series of cryptographically linked blocks, which are distributed simultaneously to all participants in a network. The information stored on a blockchain is tamper-resistant. This is useful for generating a single source of truth for any kind of information.

Blockchain technology provides the building blocks for what are known as decentralised autonomous organisations, which have been discussed (and criticised) as potential alternative governance mechanisms at the national level. But the benefits of such a decentralised organisation at the international level would be much higher.

Imagine a decentralised climate organisation, based on blockchain, in which states, companies, and individuals participate and whose interactions are facilitated by so-called smart contracts. These contracts are pieces of computer code running on top of the blockchain, which makes them virtually unstoppable. A common token — let us call it greencoin — allows climate commitments by states to be linked with the flourishing ecosystem of transnational climate initiatives and individual climate action.

No panacea

Blockchain-based climate governance has undeniable theoretical benefits, but there would be significant obstacles to its realisation.

While the blockchain ensures that once-recorded data is tamper-resistant, it can do little to ensure that the data that is brought onto the blockchain can be trusted. Start-ups like Green Climate World have proposed decentralised networks of information feeds as a promising solution to this problem, but for some applications, suitable solutions are hard to find.

A blockchain-based climate organisation might not come to fruition if key players decided not to join. Powerful states or companies might be especially unwilling to participate in a system that makes broken promises immediately transparent and that automates the punishment process. But as long as there was enough momentum, they might slowly be incentivised to get involved.

A virtual entity for climate governance would also require people to accept to be governed by algorithms. And at the moment, this might be the hardest challenge of all.


Green Climate world is a project aiming to improve the life on our planet.
The core of the project is the WGC Token. The WGC token is a blockchain based cryptocurrency and also a ledger. All logs will be secure on the blockchain with no possibility for any kind of tempering or erasing by anyone.


Our main goal is recording atmospheric data to our blockchain and planting trees.
In order to reach our goal we will take a small percent of the value of the the WGC token and put it toward planting trees.

How does it work?

Once the token is created and established the whole process will be quite simple.The idea is that part of the value of the token will be put toward planting trees.There are two ways through which this can be accomplished. The first one we locate, facilitate and fund the whole process or we start a cooperation with a non-profit organization whose main goal is planting trees. By cooperating with an already existing non-profit organization the whole process will be much simpler and we believe there will be a bigger impact. Once defined the planting areas the users will be able to choose where trees willbe planted as a result of their purchase.


  • Token Name — Green Climate World
  • Token Ticker — WGC
  • Total Supply — 1,000,000,000
  • Network — Binance Smart Chain

In order to reach the goal, a small percent of the value of the WGC token and put toward planting trees.

In order to reach the goal, a small percent of the value of the WGC token and put toward planting trees.

Utility of WGC Token

Function as a currency,
A share in the company
Points in a loyalty program
Proof of ownership
Used for Rewards



Dr. Yasam Ayavefe, serial entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist.

He started his business life in his early ages, and he is now Chairman of the Board of Milaya Capital Limited a dynamic London based venture capital business which has grown fast and evolved into a highly respected masterminds of many sectors as the acclaimed businesses in the UK.

Dr. Ayavefe started his very first initiatives in Mersin and Cyprus, where he specialized on Telecom Programming and in Cyber Security. He started with his investment adventure on the island of Cyprus, continued without interruption in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Balkans and in the UK. He has got his doctorate honoris cause from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM).

Green Climate World project is in the center of his attention with investment that will resonate all over the world. It is a project that aims to improve life on our planet, protection of nature and natural life.

Green Climate World which derives from the desire to make our world a better place and leave a liveable world heritage to future generations.

Green Climate World is planning to act in line with the mission coming from the idea of afforesting every inch of earth in the world.

This project will solve the three biggest problems of our Planet, excess garbage, high carbon emissions and the everlasting need for more funds.


Concluding my review, once again I want to draw your attention to how much we need fundamental changes Making the platform blockchain-based would provide member states with the comfort they will likely seek around national data privacy.

It also presents a new way to fund both forest preservation and research on solutions to tackle the climate crisis — all without any need to increase .

As for the concept of the platform WGC, as for me it is interesting and most importantly pursues positive goals aimed at universal comfort and harmony. Which is extremely rare these days.

In order to reach our goal we will take a small percent of the value of the the WGC token and put it toward planting trees.

Of course, the presentation of the material on the basis of which I tried to briefly write my review, is much wider and deeper in the disclosure of many.But, and to these days became much more, I propose to study WGC a little deeper and more detailed. Since in the depths of its technical documentation are still hidden a lot of useful processes, which I unfortunately did not have time to mention.

But they are worth being heard and read. So do not switch and go to the next section of my article, which contains all the official social resources.


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